The story behind Aliness UK

Many people ask me why I decided to bring the Aliness company to England. Today, I would like to write about it and tell you that sometimes, from a hopeless situation, we can emerge thanks to our determination and willpower. I call myself a warrior and I am fighting against an autoimmune disease that has attacked my body.

It started with a diagnosis of celiac disease when I was browsing through a newspaper and read about a woman who had similar symptoms. I had heard about it before, but I never thought it could also affect me. I went to my GP to get checked, and it turned out that I indeed had celiac disease. I decided to undergo thorough examinations to find out the cause of my illness.

Since it is not easy to have any tests done in England, we packed up our belongings and went to Poland for medical examinations. We landed in Wroclaw and embarked on the path of treatment. At the same time, I decided to examine my whole family and scrutinize their health. It turned out that we all had significant vitamin deficiencies, so I started looking for vitamins to replenish them. It wasn't easy because Polish pharmacies are flooded with various dietary supplements and vitamins. Which ones should I choose? That was my question.

After further examinations, it was revealed that I also had gut dysbiosis and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). I consulted a natural doctor-dietician who didn't quite know what to recommend for my diet and treatment. She suggested various vitamins, some of which had to be imported from Germany. The same applied to probiotics; I had to import them from Germany as well. It turned out to be very costly, so I looked for an alternative. That's when I saw a new Polish company called Aliness at the market, and I was convinced by their affordable prices and good quality. Besides, with leaky gut, allergic reactions were not uncommon. I was looking for something without chemicals and additives, with minimal ingredients. I started taking Aliness vitamins regularly, and day by day, I began to feel better. I ate what my body accepted. I still remember my doctor saying, "You will never recover from this."

After a year in Wroclaw, we returned with suitcases full of supplements because it turned out that everyone in the household needed to take them. That's when we realized that I didn't have a job anyway, so we thought about what to do next. My brilliant husband took care of creating our website, while I handled the backend, the store, and customer contacts.

Today, we are, a company that is growing year by year, and we are delighted that Aliness vitamins are appreciated and liked by our customers, both Poles and English. We now have our own nutritionist who is also a warrior like me and who has overcome an autoimmune disease herself.

Warm regards, Magda Brzezinska

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