Organic Vegetables can save your life!

Organic Vegetables can save your life!

The surprising truth about staying healthy

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During our family's health journey, we painfully discovered that the NHS couldn't help us with our chronic conditions.

We moved back to Poland, twice, for what we thought was a better (private) health care.

While Poland was great for obvious, surgical issues, we had a hard time with our chronic gastro intestinal issues, and auto immune diseases.

We were going from a nutritionist to a nutritionist, each time ending up more confused than we started - with our symptoms being sometimes better, sometimes worse, for no apparent reason.

In the end, after spending a year in Poland (Wroclaw) we decided to come back to our Oxfordshire home to be able to benefit from clean air, and a good availability of Organic produce.

Since coming back to the UK in 2020, we decided to stick with an Organic diet - and mostly switched from supermarkets to our favourite farmer, Riverford.

This way, we know that our family is not accidentally fed any pesticides, antibiotics, or any other nasties, that could trigger our health conditions.

Thanks to using Riverford, our family's health improved and we have more confidence in the future.

We get a number of fresh boxes of vegetables every week, delivered by our friendly Riverford driver.

We still supplement our diet - that's why we started importing Aliness products, as that's a best and most affordable and trustworthy Polish brand of vitamins and probiotics.

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We were using Riverford for many years, but since 2020 we get most our vegetables from them.

It's a very ethical company, we admire the founder and its values. They believe in both Organic and wide sustainability efforts.

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