ProbioBalance - Vegan probiotics for the entire family

ProbioBalance - Vegan probiotics for the entire family

Vegan probiotics ProbioBalance


We only use hydroxypropyl methylcellulose as capsule binders, whereas the bacteria themselves are safely encapsulated in glycerol esters of fatty acids.

This ensures our products are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, and use no anima products at all. No gelatine to be found here!


In order to ensure the highest quality of the product throughout its expiry date, a 20% technological allowance is added at the production stage, i.e. approx. 20% more bacteria to each capsule.
** The use of microencapsulated lactic acid bacteria requires a specific, patented method of analysis, available from the manufacturer, for the quantification of viable bacterial cells (flow cytometry). Patent no RM2009A000591


ProbioBALANCE is a revolutionary and comprehensive series of 10 probiotic products with specially selected strains of bacteria, dedicated to different age groups, supporting the proper functioning of the intestines. The products have been developed by Polish and Italian technologists.


Vegan probiotics micro encapsulated

The patented MICROENCAPSULATION technology is a double lipid layer surrounding the bacterial cell. Such a revolutionary solution guarantees almost 100% survival of bacteria when passing through the stomach / duodenum. Microencapsulated bacteria are several times stronger than lyophilisates, so 5 times less bacteria is enough to obtain the same degree of colonization in the intestines.

Thanks to the patented microencapsulation process, we cover every single cell with a lipid coating, ensuring:

  • resistance to humidity
  • resistance to gastric acidity


Probiotic bacteria are very sensitive to the aquatic environment. Manufacturers often use various types of fibre or inulin as filling. Their environment is not favourable for the bacteria because their water activity is above <0.2.
The water activity of the carrier is of paramount importance in the case of probiotics. It is the carrier that has the closest contact with the bacteria at all times. If the water activity is above aw> 0.2, the enzymes contained in the bacteria start to activate, causing them to die.
If we do not use a carrier with appropriate water activity, various security measures used by companies, such as cellulose capsules, DerrCaps or even alu-alu blisters, will be of little use.
ProbioBALANCE products are the first in the world to contain the innovative PREBIOTIC - a complex polysaccharide (dietary soluble fiber) Fibregum ™ Bio Law (certified organic / BIO) with water activity below aw <0.2, which is safe for bacteria. Enzymes in bacteria with such a low water activity do not affect the metabolism of bacteria.
Additionally, Fibregum ™ is an excellent prebiotic with a much better effect than inulin. Contrary to inulin, Fibregum ™ is a large polysaccharide, it is fermented by bacteria more slowly (it has an extended fermentation time) without gas, flatulence, as is the case with inulin.


Violet glass acts as a natural filter that protects against sunlight and improves the quality of sensitive substances. Violet glass blocks the full spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part. This unique combination provides optimal protection against the aging and oxidation processes of particularly sensitive substances. Protection of bacteria with violet glass is a revolutionary way to ensure the high quality of the ProbioBalance product.
Below we present a study showing the differences in the storage of substances. We recommend that you keep our bottles and use them in the kitchen to store herbs, seeds or medicines.

Vegan probiotics bottles - chives test

Chives storage test for 2 months.

Cherry Tomato storage test for 7 months.


All strains included in ProbioBALANCE have numerous, documented clinical and technological tests

Our most popular probiotics are:


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