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BeOrganic Chlorella 500mg, 50 capsules, Aliness


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  • GMO Free
  • Vegan
  • Soy Free
  • Lactose free
  • 56% protein
  • Chlorophyl 10.42mg
  • Vitamin B12 1.25mcg


  • helps to expel poisonous, unhealthy compounds from the body (heavy metals)
  • is a natural source of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • supports vitality
  • helps to maintain an adequate level of energy
  • it can be used in case of temporary fatigue
  • supports the body's protective system

Chlorella vulgaris is a green microalga that can be found in freshwater. It has one of the most complete biochemical profiles in nature. Chlorella Vulgaris is one of the few microalgae species approved by EFSA as a food or food ingredient.

Most Chlorella powder on the market is composed generally of protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

BeOrganic, Chlorella BIO 500 mg collects all of the above nutrients and much more. It is one of the cleanest and safest products on the market.

Ingredients: Organic Chlorella powder (Chlorella vulgaris), capsule shell: (binder: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose).


1 capsule

6 capsules

Organic Chlorella Powder (Chlorella vulgaris)

500 mg

3000 mg

including vitamin B12

1.25 mcg (50% RI) *

7.5 mcg (300% RI) *


280 mg

1680 mg


10.42 mg

62.52 mg

* RI Reference intake value for an average adult

Recommended daily intake required to obtain the beneficial effects of the product: 1-6 capsules during or after a meal with water.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The product cannot be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the basis for the proper functioning of the body.

The most important information BeOrganic Chlorella BIO 500 mg x 50 caps

  • the product does not contain allergens
  • genetically unmodified strain
  • the production method imitates the natural growth and development of microalgae found in nature thanks to the power of the Portuguese sun (photosynthesis)
  • the production method in closed systems (photobioreactors) distinguishes our chlorella in terms of powder purity and high quality
  • improved biochemical profile through external control of production factors and mineral composition through the culture medium. The result is a high vitamin B12 content in our BIO Chlorella.
  • European organic certification: We are one of the few European producers of Chlorella vulgaris with this certificate, most of the organic chlorella vulgaris on the Polish market comes from Chinese crops

Storage conditions: store at room temperature, out of reach of small children. Protect against moisture and light.


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05-480 Karczew, Poland

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