Collection: Vitamin D for kids

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for human to be healthy. At the same time this is the vitamin that is the most difficult to be the control as it cannot be found in the food. You can get this vitamin only through the sun which can be complicated especially in the northern countries. On the other hand, it is not recommendable to spend too much time in the sun or allow your kids to do so.

Children at risk of low vitamin D

It is very risky to not to get enough vitamin D for kids. They can get osteomalacia or heart diseases. Low vitamin D can cause low calcium which can lead to problems with immunity. It is important to prevent and to supplement it in the daily diet.

Babies need a vitamin D boost

Also, babies need a vitamin D for kids boost. It is totally safe to supplement babies with Aliness capsules easy to swallow. It will help to have healthy and strong bones and prevent some diseases.

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